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Do you want to tame the sun´s rays, regulate the temperature in a room or treat yourself to more privacy? You will find your solution here. Shading technology is not purely for dimming light, but often helps to save costs on air conditioning and heating, or helps prevent child allergies.
We custom produce external and internal shading for you. So it perfectly fits every home or apartment to provide shade to the terrace. Each of our products undergoes testing and a careful final inspection. Therefore, we can confidently provide an extended 4-year warranty.



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Venetian blinds

Climax Venetian blinds belong to the most widely used types internal shading solutions. Aluminium blinds continuously regulate the amount of light in the interior. They protect against the sun and curious neighbours. Suitable practically for any type of window. Attractive thanks to their affordability and simple maintenance. They find their place in family homes, apartments, ... (more info)


Venetian blinds IDX

The smooth operation of the chain facilitates handling and the privacy line version minimises light penetration through gaps between the slats. All this makes for a perfect and affordable shading system for every home. The IDX interior blinds reliably protect your privacy and their wide range of colours and options for the rounded upper rondo strip adds style to your home.

Venetian blinds Eko

The Venetian blinds Eko are a reliable model that will last you a long time. The Eko blinds are the only type with a flat head rail which can be made not only for standard windows but also for sloped versions. They are not intended for roof windows. The Venetian blinds Eko are controlled using a cord and wand.

Venetian blinds Max

Aluminium Venetian blinds Max do not only serve to control light. They are characterised by their design and quiet operation with a very reliable mechanism. This type ranks amongst the absolute best in Venetian blinds and is suitable for all vertical windows and doors. Both electric and manual controls are available.


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Climax fabric roller shutters made to measure protect against the sun´s rays and curious neighbours. They smoothly regulate incoming daylight in the interior. They are not only suitable for apartments and houses but also commercial buildings. Thanks to a rich selection of fabrics, you can combine them precisely with other accessories in the room. They give a living room ... (more info)


Fabric roller shutters Orion

Indoor fabric roller shutters Orion are suitable for all windows in both family as well as apartment buildings. They are particularly suitable as protection against looks from the outside or for dimming the interior. The roller shutter is attached directly on to the wing of the window. There is no risk of it falling out even with ventilation open. Thanks to its usefulness, wide selection of fabric patterns and box colours, this model is very popular. Fabric roller shutter is available also in the Orion offset and Orion offset Zebra versions.

Fabric roller shutters Calypso

If you are looking for affordable indoor roller shutters made to measure, the Calypso will be the choice. This simple yet elegant free-hanging roller shutter offers quality workmanship at a reasonable price. It is intended for family and apartment buildings and is installed in the space above the window when it does not prevent it from being opened.

Fabric roller shutters Varieta mini

Fabric roller shutters Varieta mini are a simple and stylish method for softening light and gaining more privacy at the same time. Their use is very quiet, so you will not disturb your partner or children sleeping in their room when pulling them up. You can choose from an extensive collection of fabrics, including blackout fabrics (with an increased shading effect).


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Vertical blinds made to measure are a decorative and practical shading element. They are ideal for shading French windows, sliding doors or large glazed areas. They find their use not only in households and offices but also in schools and hospitals. Vertical fabric blinds are also suitable for partitioning large floor areas, such as corridors, halls, schools and healthcare ... (more info)


Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are a decorative indoor fabric shading solution. They are easy to control and effectively regulate the amount of light in the room. Their most appropriate application is on balcony and sliding doors, terrace entrances, French windows, angled windows or on all large glazed surfaces. They find their place in apartments, family homes, but also offices, schools and health facilities, where they are ideal for partitioning.


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A pleated blind is a pleated fabric blind. Unlike other types of fabric shading, on the window it can be pulled in both directions. A pleated blind made to measure is an elegant and practical solution for shading all types of windows. It will fit perfectly into any atypical window shape, with a diagonal or arch. It is suitable for apartments, family homes and offices. ... (more info)


Pleated shading for standard windows and doors

Pleated blinds are folded fabric blinds that are great indoors for any door or window. They are ideal for opening, tilting and roof windows of for balcony doors. Their advantage over standard Venetian blinds is the ability of the fabric to be pulled in both directions. In this way a shading band can be created, for example, in the middle of the window. Climax offers special textiles with protective treatment for high-moisture environments, so pleated blinds can be safely used even in bathrooms.

Pleated shading for conservatories

Pleated blinds are increasingly being utilised for shading conservatories. It is a very elegant and effective form of shading comprising of a pleated fabric.
Climax offers resistant technical fabrics with hydrophobic treatment that are particularly suitable for conservatories.

Pleated shading in non-traditional shapes

Do you need to shade an atypically shaped window? Pleated blinds will easily fit any window shape, whether angled, arched or angled. Pleated blinds for atypical windows can be movable or fixed. Movable blinds are used for shading angled, half-round and quarter-round windows. Fixed pleated blinds without control options are manufactured in the shape of a triangle and use for permanent shading of windows and can also be installed on roof windows.


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Japanese sliding panels from Climax are a modern method for internal shading. Japanese sliding panels comprise of fabric panels and a riding rail. In households they can easily provide shading to large glazed surfaces. They are also suitable for separating areas in an apartment or room and for partitioning corridors, halls, large offices, areas in hospitals and in schools.


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Are you looking for shading for your apartment or house? Are you building, renovating or want to give yourself more comfort? Choose from our wide range of external and interior shading products, patio and terrace shading and insect screens.



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